H M ● M E D I A ● T O K Y O

Welcome to Hit Music Media, Tokyo

HM Media provides broadcast content to radio stations across Japan. Our content includes the syndicated music radio show “Party Radio Japan” a product that is produced in Tokyo and distributed across Japan from Tokyo..

This 2-hour bilingual weekend radio show focuses on popular global dance music currently impacting bars, clubs and dance radio shows worldwide and right here in Japan.

The programming is designed to keep listeners informed of the latest and most popular music along with information on artists, DJs and celebrities.

Party Radio Japan encompasses a high impact broadcast sound that is unique to listeners making it the only radio show in Japan produced this way.

3-Hour Radio Program plays 30 of the biggest songs on the radio in America. Currently available in English. Broadcast on stations worldwide. Click the logo for more information.

HM Media has developed a DJ Mix-show network providing mainstream DJ Dance Mixes to radio stations who need up tempo beats for run-of-schedule or produced radio shows.

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