The Mixdown

The Hottest DJ Mixes on the Radio

HM Media has developed a DJ Mix-show network providing mainstream DJ Dance Mixes to radio stations who need up tempo beats for run of schedule or produced radio shows.

DJ Mix segments produced by award winning DJs from Japan, Europe and America. Local radio stations can subscribe to our Mix-show network “The Mixdown” to get the latest and hottest dance music DJ Mixes.

This product can be inserted into current radio programs on terrestrial and online radio stations. 

Because of high demand on this product cost may vary and delivery is only available through high speed connections where clients will download the audio files then re-broadcast them.

Language: Japanese/English (Bi-lingual)
Format: Contemporary Hit Radio/Dance, Hip Hop, R&B
Other Formats available: Years 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000+ Music Genre era
Sourcing: Billboard Hot 100/Dance Radio Airplay, also Radio and Records Magazine (Mediabase)
Duration: Currently this product is only available in 20 minute formats
Frequency: Daily or Weekly
Invoicing: Monthly
Airtime: Local Radio Station Discretion
Delivery: Download from the HM Media Server.
Demographics: Female listeners aged 18-45, Male listeners aged 20-50

Please inquire about this product with your HM Media representative.

A New DJ Mix product for bars

Bars, restaurants and nightclubs can create DJ music mix environments even when there is no DJ present. This product can be used for evenings when no DJ is present. BarMix creates an incredible music environment as if a DJ was playing the music live. Take advantage of BarMix for your venue.

The entire BarMix package is sold with hardware and requires an internet connection. The updated weekly audio files are sent automatically to the BarMix auto DJ controller which is setup at the venues using this product.

Please ask about BarMix.